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Re: [APD] Scales, KH ref solutions and testing

I believe Liz Wilhite wrote this email section below:
> I could probably sell you a pocket protector for that.
> All kidding aside, you can pick up a lot of plastic labware cheap (i.e. you
> don't have to buy it by the case and prices are reasonable) from
> www.usplastic.com.  I needed a variety of bottles and a couple of pieces of
> geekware.  Placed the order on Monday evening and it is sitting here on my
> desk now.

Oh yes. That's a useful site. The pipe section is very comprehensive.

I've always wondered what 'RubberMaid' was.

I wish shops like this were over here in Europe.

Not all of us on the list live in the USA... :-)

> I'm starting to wonder if Heibner is okay.  With this amount of lunacy on
> the list we should have heard from him by now.

He's no doubt saving it up... ;-)

Stuart Halliday
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