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[APD] Sources for inexpensive scales

Seems like lots of people have been interested in scales lately.  If anyone
is looking to purchase a scale, you can find inexpensive used models from
several companies:


There are lots of other ones out there, too; I regularly purchase from LabX
without problems.  Many companies post their used equipment when they
upgrade or if (sadly) their lab is closing.  Manufacturers have been known
to post overstock.  Highly sensitive scales (four decimal places or more)
should be professionally calibrated, but less sensitive scales (0.001 or
less) are usually pretty durable and easy to calibrate.  Check
Craigslist.com, too.  Local companies often sell equipment when they move
(my own company did that about a year ago).  Of course, as with any
online/used purchase, watch out for scams and bad deals!

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