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Re: [APD] Cyano and other algae Tomoko

Thank you, Tom.  I was hoping that you could give me a good tip on how to
eradicate this funny little alga. This thing mainly grows in a low flow area
like among the mat of Marsilea and the base of Cryptocoryne. 

I have cleaned my Eheim and its tubing, I am back up to a good CO2 level
around 30ppm, I have been doing regular fertilizer and trace dosing
according to your instruction and weekly water changes.  I don't do much
testing although I have a good access to precision lab equipment at work
including spectrophotometers, GC, SEM, etc. I mainly look at my plants and I
can generally tell what my plants are trying to tell me - especially after
they recover from a mishap, ha ha.  A new plant is a different ball game,
though, until I get used to them.    

Okay, so 3 day blackout, it is. I need to do the daily water changes and
light nutrient and Excel dosing during the blackout?  Well, I gotta go get
some Excel, then.

Thanks again,


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A very simple non harmful way to address algae without issues to
livestock or plants etc:

3 day blackout
Daily water changes in conjunction(50-80%)
Followed by light nutrient dosing(NO3/PO4/Traces)
Followed by full Excel dosing at 5-8mls per 10 gal after each
water change.

If you clean filters, prune, remove as much algae as you xcan,
clean hoses, other areas you normally do not, wipe glass good
etc, then do this, you end up doing very well.
This simple method works very well on most every species of
algae, even Green water.

When the plants do well, the algae does not, whether it's lack
of CO2, poor test kits and assumptions, low NO3, low PO4, low
Traces etc.

You can add H2O2, or if you increase CO2(if it's slightly low),
the plants will add more O2. Organic matter, dirty filters etc
are correlated with BGA as well, not just low NO3. 

If you have good O2, then the organic matter is decomposed much
faster. If you do large water changes, this removes that and if
you add KNO3 back, that maintains good NO3 levels foer the

Tom Barr



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