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Re: [APD] KH reference solution

Bring it on baby!!  My money is on Tom!


On Dec 14, 2006, at 2:20 PM, Liz Wilhite wrote:

> On 12/14/06, Thomas Barr <tcbiii at yahoo_com> wrote:
>> I think if you focus on fish health and are trying to maximize
>> the max CO2 with good fish health, this is a better method and
>> more accuracy will help you uncover what the range of max plant
>> growth and the upper ranges where you have fish issues are.
> Yep, and you are all set for when the AGA gives up that silly  
> aquascaping
> contest, and goes into the Iron Plantman competition with our  
> hosts, Simon
> and Judith.
> "Yes indeed, one lucky internet celebrity will get the chance to  
> compete
> against his/her choice of our three Iron Plantmen.  Will our  
> contestant
> choose to compete with Iron Plantman Dutch, Iron Plantman Japanese  
> or Iron
> Plantman Technowizard?"
> "Well Simon, the smart money is on our contestant choosing to compete
> against Iron Plantman Japanese, Mr. Takashi Amano himself!   
> Everyone knows
> Amano's tanks grow much slower than Dutch or Technowizard tanks.   
> Why, they
> are hardly worth a second glance!"
> "Right you are, Judith!  Only a fool would choose to compete  
> against Iron
> Plantman Technowizard!  Why, you can watch his hygro grow right on  
> out of
> the tank and reach into the tank stand looking to open up that CO2  
> needle
> valve!"
> "Now we'd like to introduce you to our Judges.  First, a well known
> celebrity in his own right, Mr. Robert Mettler, creator of the  
> original
> digital scale way back in 1975.  Who knew it would take on such  
> importance
> in the hobby.  Next, please welcome Irene Toledo, famous for her  
> wide load
> scales.  And finally, how could we possible host an Iron Plantman  
> contest
> without Atticus Sartorius who made analytical digital balances  
> affordable?"
> "And the rules.  Each competitor has a tank, two 20 lb cylinders of  
> CO2,
> this vast array of equipment, an assortment of plants donated by  
> Tropica and
> Greg Watson's entire collection of dry ferts seen here in their  
> natural
> state inside 50 gallon drums.  The competitors have 4 hours to  
> plant their
> tanks.  After a week all plants will be pulled, dried and weighed  
> by our
> judges.  The competitor with the highest dry plant weight will be  
> crowned
> our new Iron Plantman."
> "And here come our competitors! ..."
> We've come a long way baby!
> -- 
> Liz

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