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Re: [APD] KH reference solution

A cheap Volumetric flask can be had from Aquatic Eco:




I think is one person in a group did this, it would run about
50$ to make any type of reference solution they might need.

Then send off some sealed bottles for other folks.
It'd be a simple, cheap, good little business.

Selling 500mls of solution for 2-5$ ea etc.
I have other ideas about measuring CO2 very accurately in the
hobby and for other reasons that mere ability to "grow plants"

I can grow plants without any test kits of any sort.
Now that's cheaper and easier, but requires the ability to look
and watch plants.

So I can easily question the "need/desire" Vaughn's idea of a
drop checker or any sort of test at all.

But, others might not. And some of us are very interested in
details for many reasons beyond merely being able to grow

Why even bother with CO2 at all if that is the issue?
You can take this line of reasoning way back if you want, but
without going off the deep end, some amount of verification is
nice, and like differences in different folks, some want more
for their own reasons.

I am more interested in stunting and algae inducement than most
folks here obviously.

This requires closer measure of CO2 to predict a range that is
deterimental at the low in in non CO2 tanks and also in higher
light/CO2 enriched tanks.
Other neat issues: how does Excel affect CO2 uptake?

Such method suggestions I make are not so much for myself as
they are for others that are interested in doing these test.
They are available to those that want to use them.
I already know how to do them.
But others generally do not.

This way they know what methods I use and they can use as well
for the future questions not yet asked.

Simply going: "Well, I do not need this cause I can grow plants
just fine without knowing anything else" is fine for some folks.

Some folks are not that way though and those are the ones that
discover stuff that helps to better understand the way things
work and why.

The "How" is easy, watch the plants and add nutrients/light and

If "How" is all you really care about, then you need not be here
any more having mastered all things CO2 and nutrient and
lighting. All you consider is scaping/gardening then. 

By looking at why and the mechanism in detail, we are much
better able to predict what methods and causes for issues in the
tanks. You are able to answer far more questions with such
methods than the old cheapo test kits and weigh the utility of
effort in the regions that matter most.

There's more to CO2 than many thought 10 short years ago.
A lot more. 

Tom Barr


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