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Re: [APD] KH reference solution

On 12/14/06, Thomas Barr <tcbiii at yahoo_com> wrote:

> I think if you focus on fish health and are trying to maximize
> the max CO2 with good fish health, this is a better method and
> more accuracy will help you uncover what the range of max plant
> growth and the upper ranges where you have fish issues are.

Yep, and you are all set for when the AGA gives up that silly aquascaping
contest, and goes into the Iron Plantman competition with our hosts, Simon
and Judith.

"Yes indeed, one lucky internet celebrity will get the chance to compete
against his/her choice of our three Iron Plantmen.  Will our contestant
choose to compete with Iron Plantman Dutch, Iron Plantman Japanese or Iron
Plantman Technowizard?"

"Well Simon, the smart money is on our contestant choosing to compete
against Iron Plantman Japanese, Mr. Takashi Amano himself!  Everyone knows
Amano's tanks grow much slower than Dutch or Technowizard tanks.  Why, they
are hardly worth a second glance!"

"Right you are, Judith!  Only a fool would choose to compete against Iron
Plantman Technowizard!  Why, you can watch his hygro grow right on out of
the tank and reach into the tank stand looking to open up that CO2 needle

"Now we'd like to introduce you to our Judges.  First, a well known
celebrity in his own right, Mr. Robert Mettler, creator of the original
digital scale way back in 1975.  Who knew it would take on such importance
in the hobby.  Next, please welcome Irene Toledo, famous for her wide load
scales.  And finally, how could we possible host an Iron Plantman contest
without Atticus Sartorius who made analytical digital balances affordable?"

"And the rules.  Each competitor has a tank, two 20 lb cylinders of CO2,
this vast array of equipment, an assortment of plants donated by Tropica and
Greg Watson's entire collection of dry ferts seen here in their natural
state inside 50 gallon drums.  The competitors have 4 hours to plant their
tanks.  After a week all plants will be pulled, dried and weighed by our
judges.  The competitor with the highest dry plant weight will be crowned
our new Iron Plantman."

"And here come our competitors! ..."

We've come a long way baby!

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