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[APD] Beard Algae

I know what you mean. I had a lush, luxurious growth of it all over
*everything* in one of my tanks a while back. For some reason, I saw it as a
pest rather than a potential asset, and I tore the whole thing down and
eradicated it. Now I wish I had saved some!

Incidentally, the tank was fish-only at the time, but I solemnly swear that
I have never, nor will I ever, had blue gravel or a ceramic castle in any
tank I've ever owned. ;->

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On 12/14/06, Vaughn Hopkins <hoppycalif at yahoo_com> wrote:
> http://www.aquariumalgae.blogspot.com/

Nice link.  I have often wished I could get beard algae to grow in my tanks
-- it makes for a really nice background wall.  I've only seen it growing
well in fish only tanks where it tends to clash with the blue gravel and
magic castle ceramic centerpiece. 

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