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Re: [APD] KH reference stock solution or: my hidden agenda

I believe Thomas Barr wrote this email section below:

> Adding 5 liters of DI water and 4.99 grams of baking soda cooked
> will make a nice 40Kh stock solution that's pretty accurate no
> matter which method(drop checker or pH probe) you plan on using.

Ah... measuring to 0.01 accuracy could be difficult...

I came across a German aquarium products company that sells
reference solutions in vials for use with their visual CO2 checker.
So someone is doing it.

Like I've said before, a pH probe could easily be made that did a CO2
readout if it was dipped into a 40KH solution.
I'll need to look at how the wet end of a pH probe itself works to see if I
can make my own.

> Some smart person will start selling KH stock solution for 2$
> per 500mls etc on line. Or the DIY folks hopefully will give it
> a wing. I think Greg Watson might consider it and shipping a
> 500ml bottle full or a pre measured amount of baking soda inside
> a bottle that you just add DI water to.
> You can have your accuracy, low cost, less work all in one.

Sounds good to me.
A good digital weight meter is kind of expensive.
The one I've got in my kitchen is +-0.5g
Maybe Greg could just sell a 4.99g container?

> Think about only glancing at pH and not worrying about anything
> else.

One day, one meter will hold all the info aquatist needs. CO2, pH, NH3, NH2,

> This idea of a ref and removing yet another test kit down to one
> now goes along with EI seamlessly.

:-) Nice.

Stuart Halliday
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