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Re: [APD] Fight against GDA!!!

 Hi! Vaughn,

Thanks for your reply.

I understand light is a problem but isin't it that for planted tanks it is
adviced to have 12 hrs of photperiod?



Subject: Re: [APD] Fight against GDA!!!
> To: aquatic plants digest <aquatic-plants at actwin_com>
> Hi Saugata,
> I'm sorry to hear that your GDA is still there.  That is one of the
> most persistent algae I have yet seen.  It looks like your light is
> still excessive - the first schedule you proposed is still a 14 hour
> one - too long.  The second is much better, but the 4 hour rest
> period hasn't been shown to bother the algae at all.  So, I suggest
> you just limit the light to 8 hours until the GDA goes away, and for
> a 90 gallon tank, no more than 180 watts until the GDA goes away.
> That would be 5 of your T8's, or 6 at the most.
> Lighting is only one of the elements in encouraging algae, but it
> sure looks like the major one to me.  My GDA episodes always had the
> shady areas of glass with none at all, and the most lighted areas
> with the maximum amount.
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