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[APD] Fight against GDA!!!


In my fight against GDA I let them grow for about 1 month and then did back
to back w/c after scraping them off. Post this I did 70% w/c on the next two
days i.e., on last Sunday & Monday but unfortunately I can see the damn
thing coming back by yesterday night. I have now reduced the light level to
10 hrs from 12 hrs with a siesta of 3 hrs in between. In fact what I am
planning to do is have the following lighting arrangements:-

8 AM to 12 Noon - T8 @ 36watts x 2 nos
12 Noon to 8 PM - T8 @ 36 watts x 8 nos
8 PM to 10 PM - T8 @ 36watts x 2 nos


8 AM to 12 Noon - T8 @ 36 watts x 8 nos
12 Noon to 4 PM -  lights off
4 PM to 8 PM - T8 @ 36 watts x 8 nos

Which one do you think will help the most? As I understand excess light is
also responsible for GDA.

By the way, my fert dosing schedule is as follows:-
On the day of w/c - 20 mls of KNO3 (stock sol. of 8 tb spoons in 400 mls of
Distillled water), 6 mls of KH2PO4 (stock sol. of 2 tb spoons in 400 mls of
distilled water, 6 mls of Trace elements). on the 4th day 20 mls of KNO3, 6
mls of KH2PO4 & 6 mls of Traces.

Is this ok or I need to tweek it around a bit?

Eagerly looking forward to inputs from experts.


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