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Re: [APD] Aquatic-Plants Digest, Vol 40, Issue 15

On 12/12/06, bill <billpers at comcast_net> wrote:
> Well, Liz, you have been in this long enough to remember the "must get"
> substrates of yesteryear - Eco, Flour, leonite, and a dozen others.

Yep. Have one of those must gets and I gotta say it is almost as good as

I have yet to see any controlled experiments (we are big on that here,
> right?) that show that any of them are any better than plain 2mm - 3mm
> inert
> gravel, with proper dosing, which the "must get' ones also need.

No, but I have had some interesting conversations with people growing tonina
species, which I am interested in attempting to grow since I have the water
for it and I think Belem and a couple of other are just beautiful plants..
Several people report struggling to keep the plant alive in other substrates
but swear that AS was a tonina miracle of sorts.  I take that with a grain
of salt.  But am thinking that since I need 1one $10 + shipping bag that it
is probably worth trying out.

But someone has to pay for those video gamnes we import, so . . .
> Bill

Now hush your mouth!  Just a couple weeks ago I pulled out the old Nintendo
and starting playing the  Legend of Zelda.

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