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[APD] setting up on the kitchen counter

Well, last night I set my 20H on the counter where I want it to sit, and what do you know, it rocks on 2 corners, about 1/8"-3/16" or so.  Damn.  So at lunch today I cut a piece of 1/2" plywood to be 1/8" larger than the tank frame all around and set this on top of a piece of carpet padding.  Set the tank on top and well, it looks like it should work well.  Luckily, I am ripping about 900sf of carpeting out of the house and have a nice supply of carpet padding...so whoever suggested to use the padding has my thanks, I think it is better than the styrofoam I was going to use.  

Maybe tonight I will have time to mix the sand with more aquatic plant soil and gravel to finish out the substrate.  The bottom layer is peat moss, second layer is the Aquatic Plant Soil sold at home centers.  I was going to use kitty litter, but this stuff won't break down into a mush like kitty litter does.  

I am suspending a clamp light with a 120W gro-light above the tank and will leave the top open to try to get tropical water lilies to bloom in the kitchen.  I also bought a pseudo-120W CF bulb (maybe 27-30W actual) that is very bright, I think it was rated for 2600 lumens.  Will also add LEDs for moonlight for the fish to go in.  Fish will be some rainbows, maybe neons to school and a mollie or sword or two.

Any recommendations from the list?

Nick A

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