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[APD] ADA Aquasoil

As if I didn't have enough tanks and enough to do I just bought an Azoo
mirrored back 2.5G from Foster and Smith where they are on sale.  This tank
is going to be in my office which is currently free from my Aquarium
disease.  I figure you can never have too much of the right kind of disease.

I know a lot of people are very happy with Aquasoil and that Tom is
particularly impressed with how well plants grow in it, which has some
meaning to me.  I have some perfectly good fine Moneterey and black sands,
both of which run about 2mm and are easy to plant in.  That said, I'm
willing to spend the $10 plus shipping for AS if there is a good reason to
do so.  I don't intend to buy the other substrate system products that go
with it as I can provide chopped peat moss, iron filings, any pumice
granules I think necessary (none right now), etc. and have a ready supply of
bacteria in mulm.

Having heard the raves, and having a bit of skepticism not of the product
itself but from the fact that it has seemed that any substrate is fine after
the tank develops, I'd like to hear what, if anything, people don't like
about AS (and any new raves that aren't widely known).  I am planning to put
HC in this tank, and want something that is easy to plant in. (My example of
something *not* easy to plant in is Eco-complete.) If it matters, I'm
planning on Excel as a carbon source and some form of dosing that I haven't
settled on yet.  I am not planning on any livestock initially -- perhaps
shrimp or white clouds a bit later.

Your thoughts appreciated.

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