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[APD] Plywood under tank?

Instead of foam insulating door strips I use new 1/2" thick sponge carpet pad for a full under tank fit.  This is over plywood.  On small tanks the plywood isn't necessary, but it does prevent the pad from sagging into the void below.  Used pieces are thrown out when a carpet is replaced but may have pieces of grit or nails in it, so be careful.  There was a good amount of fair sized trim left over when I had a new carpet installed, and I was able to salvage scraps for a number of uses.  

I also use rigid insulation board made of an inert foam with a plastic/paper cover under, behind, and on the ends of tanks (if the ends are not visible) to conserve temperatures when the outside ambient temps are too hot or too cold.  The rigid sheets come in thickness from 1/2" to 4" in sheets 2' x 4' and larger at home repair stores.  .

The bottom rigid sheet is under small tanks (15 gallons or less), and under the supporting plywood in the case of larger tanks, again for conserving energy.  They also help to deaden sounds that may be emanating from equipment in the under tank cabinet.

I did use only the 1/2" carpet pad under a 125 gallon tank that was on a tiled kitchen counter to take out the irregularities in the tiles.  Worked fine.

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