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Re: [APD] Measuring stuff

I agree that for research purposes an accurate measurement of CO2 (and other
nutrients, and light) is essential.  One needs a controlled, defined
environment before valid tests can be made.

But for just growing plants, I don't think one needs that degree of
accuracy.  It can be interesting to measure the effect that various inputs
have on CO2 levels, but it can also be interesting to see at what rate a
given aquarium uses up, say, nitrates, even though one can have great plants
without knowing that. 

Now you say, "To toss the research end of the hobby out the window and go
with just watching the plants and using observation without testing
and verification/falsification is a very bad idea."

But I respond by saying that the hobby can be quite enjoyable and satisfying
to people who just enjoy observing the plants and animals in a healthy
aquarium.  Those who are research-oriented seek something different, and
more power to them, but I wonder how much of their satisfaction comes from
growing plants and how much from learning more about the technology of
growing them.  I suspect the latter is more important to many.  And that's

You said, "While a lot of folks associate me with EI and not testing, I do
test, but to answer questions and to check to make sure things are running
smoothly."  Well, I don't do EI and I do test occasionally, but only for
diagnostic purposes, when the plants don't look quite right.  I do
"calibrate" most of my test kits, too, more or less.  <g>

I hope that you continue doing research and discovering new things, so that
I can learn from you.


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