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Re: [APD] Artifical light for ferns

Some ferns live in higher light areas, most do not.
For Recovery and clean up, it would seem they would be a poor
See R. Reddy et al for wastewater applications using aquatic
plants for recovery processing.

a) is the most lightly issue, plants of all types are quite
adaptable to various spectrum within PAR reradings.

But your culture soil/solution may also be running NO3 poor for
these species at this light intensity.

Lowering light will also lower NO3/N demand as well as
downstream nutrients.

Does not mean the red color is causes by too much light, rather,
it means that NO3 is being used faster than anticipated.

You may want to rule that(Low N) out prior.
This same issue came up in the Aquatic plant realm and folks
made the assumption more light = redder plants.

At this light intensity I think it's unlikely, 200 umols is not
a lot of light, 10% full sun.

So that would suggest another issue for the red stress

Same issue with aquatic plants, later we figured out that low
NO3 can induce red color in some plant species.
It was not adding more Fe or lighting after all, that just
reduced the ambient levels of NO3 from say 20ppm, down to 2 ppm
etc through increased growth and assimlation of limiting
nutrients, not because the red plants demanded anything that the
green plants did not also demand for a given intensity.
You could just see it more due to the red color change.

Tom Barr


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