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Re: [APD] Artificial lighting indoors (Cari Bray)

Cari Bray wrote:
> Dennis Dietz wrote:
> I can't fix your problem but I want to work where you work.
> Dennis
> Dennis,
> I work for a company that does environmental cleanup using plants.  We do a
> lot of research, but our lease management company won't let us build a
> greenhouse, even for as small a space as we need. (Our old one took up one
> parking space!)  The setup we have works great for everything...except
> ferns.  Go figure!
Phytoremediation?  That is an area I am interested in and one that I 
think will be very important in years to come. It is also an area I 
intend to focus on for my major, phytoremediation and wetlands- 
conservation through creating a use for wetlands.  Want to start a 
Massachusetts branch?

If the only issue is ferns, have you considered if the issue is temp or 
humidity related?

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