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Re: [APD] artificial lightning indoors

> I'm sure this is a question that has been answered repeatedly, but I
> thought I'd ask anyway.  I have a custom-built growth chamber in my office
> which is currently playing host to ferns.  I have a second growth chamber
> with a different setup (standard 95W fluorescent bulbs supplemented by 75W
> incandescent bulbs, very low PAR of 30 umoles/m2/s at plant level), but it's
> the first one that is giving me trouble.

GC1 is a 10' x 12' room lit by twelve metal halide lamps at 400W apiece.
The PAR in the room at the level of the plants is about 200 umol/m2/s, which
is in the correct range to keep the plants happy (according to the
literature).  Unfortunately, many of the ferns are developing red fronds,
which outdoors is a sign of too much light.  I've put the ferns under 60%
shade cloth to see if they will improve, but I would like to explore other
factors that could be causing the problem.

> Both growth chambers are watered and fertilized on the same schedule.  GC2
> ferns are green and healthy, leading me to believe that water and nutrients
> are not the problem.  Is it possible that GC1 is:
> a) just plain providing too much light
> b) providing light in the wrong spectrum
> c) not providing enough light at one end of the spectrum or the other? (If
> so, how do I fix it without having to replace too many bulbs?)
> If anyone could "shed some light" on this problem I would greatly
> appreciate it!  I'm starting to run out of ideas.
> Cari

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