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Re: [APD] Ballast electronic or magnetic?

On 12/6/06, S. Hieber <shieber at yahoo_com> wrote:
> There's nothing like riding on the economic coattails of hyper-mass
> production ;-)
> T5's might eventually supplant the T8s and u-tubes -- too soon to tell.

The company where my husband works recently had to replace all the lighting
in a geology lab that requires good lighting conditions.  They bought T5
fixtures from somewhere that were dirt cheap.  Units are 6 bulbs wide and
about 30" long, with reflectors that are accordion shaped.  Look like the
Tek T5 fixtures, and the light is fairly concentrated directly under the
fixtures.  My first thought when I saw them was they would be ideal light
fixtures for aquariums.  I'm hoping to talk with the guy who found them
about the source.  The reason they bought them is they were actually cheaper
than buying T8s.

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