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[APD] Strange cyano like algae

Greetings from the sunny but chilly South.

I am a bit puzzled about this algae that showed up in my
tank recently.

The algae coats the edges of the leaves and make the plants
look dirty.  It is black and slimy like cyanobacteria, but
it does not have any smell.  Up close it appears fuzzy like
BBA but it comes off the leaves easily like it's some sort
of detritus.  Curiously I have red slime algae in my salt
water tank that coats the sand surface like cyanobacteria
which also have a fuzzy appearance.

I cleaned my Eheim and its pipes and did a 75% water change,
but it does not go away.  While cleaning I noticed that my
CO2 level is lower than my original setting.  It turned out
that my new check valve is too strong and it is slowing my
CO2 flow rate.  I increased the flow back up and added the
fertilizers (according to Tom Barr's instructions as I have
been doing for a few years now.)  It looks as though the
algae is coming back.

I am wondering if I should treat the tank with Maracyn or I
should do a 4-day blackout.  Or should I just watch and see
how the increased CO2 level helps the tank?

Oh, one more thing.  Which check valve are you all using on
your CO2 line lately?


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