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[APD] DO probes membranes for pH probe KH reference solution

"So, do you envision this as a product we would buy from the
manufacturer - A CO2 probe?"

Sort of.

"  The only downside I see to that is that  
it offends my DIY sensibilities, but I do notice that I haven't
trying to make my own pH probe either, so I can hardly object."

It's no different than what we have today, the DIY cheaper
versions will and are colormetric, DIY drop checkers are every
bit as good as a colormetic cheapo test kit, with the KH
reference solution they are better.

So DIY and cheaper folks can take advantage of the method you
suggested using the KH reference solution.

The pH probe version is still a pH probe, just added a screw on
DO membrane and have a company just adapt it for our specific

It might cost 25-40$ more than a cheapo pH probe many folks use
those also.

You can DIY pH probes, thermo couplers(temp probes) and Redox
probes etc as well, but most just buy those. 

Same deal here, you can adapt a pH probe, but most will not.
It's nice to dIY, but it's also nice to have a company make it
for those that do not want to deal with DIY.

Basically it changes little in terms of the DIY/store bought
issue we have **right now**, without the KH reference solution

"  I'm  
guessing that this will be a nice lab instrument for the
hobbyest, not the dilettante hobbyest like me.  And, I don't
much doubt that it will work.

Vaughn H."

All we do is add a screw on cap that works on DO probes to a pH

We add different solution inside, baking soda vs KCL.
This adaption should and dose work fine according to the
companies that make the Teflon and poly membranes(I spoke to
them as well as AM and Milwaukee).
Tom Barr


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