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Re: [APD] T5 lights, opinions on options

Liz, since you only asked for opinions and not facts:   T5 bulbs are  
straight, small diameter light sources.  PC bulbs are bent T5's  
giving a much larger light source, with part of the bulb shielded by  
the other part.  So, a reflector will be more efficient with a T5  
bulb - a line source of light is the most efficient for a long  
reflector.   I have no idea how much more efficient the reflector  
will be, but I imagine  a number such as 10-20% would be about right.

Vaughn H.

On Dec 2, 2006, at 8:07 AM, Liz Wilhite wrote:

> Can anyone explain to me why T5 lights are or are not better than  
> power
> compact fluorescents and why there is a move to T5 from people who are
> already running quality PC fixturs such as ones made from AH Supply  
> kits?
> There is a small collection of plants that don't do particularly  
> well with
> the 130 watts of PC lights over my 55G.  As I am making adjustments  
> to that
> tank, one adjustment I am thinking of making is to swap out to a  
> fixture I
> have on hand that will allow me to run 130w for the entire  
> photoperiod with
> an additional 130 watts for a noon burst period.  Another option I am
> considering is to get an AH Supply reflector and put it in the current
> fixture (which happens to be a Current fixture of the Satellite  
> variety) and
> see if that gives enough light boost to better grow some high light  
> plants.
> Yet another option is to take the equipment I have available,  
> purchase an AH
> Supply reflector and build a fixutre that holds T5s. (My assumption  
> here,
> without thinking through all the details, is that those reflectors  
> should
> work just fine with the smaller diameter T5s.)  Obviously, the free  
> option
> is using the other fixture, but the other two are relatively low cost.
> Opinions appreciated.
> -- 
> Liz

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