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[APD] T5 lights, opinions on options

Can anyone explain to me why T5 lights are or are not better than power
compact fluorescents and why there is a move to T5 from people who are
already running quality PC fixturs such as ones made from AH Supply kits?

There is a small collection of plants that don't do particularly well with
the 130 watts of PC lights over my 55G.  As I am making adjustments to that
tank, one adjustment I am thinking of making is to swap out to a fixture I
have on hand that will allow me to run 130w for the entire photoperiod with
an additional 130 watts for a noon burst period.  Another option I am
considering is to get an AH Supply reflector and put it in the current
fixture (which happens to be a Current fixture of the Satellite variety) and
see if that gives enough light boost to better grow some high light plants.
Yet another option is to take the equipment I have available, purchase an AH
Supply reflector and build a fixutre that holds T5s. (My assumption here,
without thinking through all the details, is that those reflectors should
work just fine with the smaller diameter T5s.)  Obviously, the free option
is using the other fixture, but the other two are relatively low cost.

Opinions appreciated.

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