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Re: [APD] Chemical Ferts

David Gruver wrote:
> I decided to try Tom Barr's Plant Recipe with KNO3, KPO4, MgSO4, and KSO4.  
> I finally found a chemical place that would sell quantities in less than 55 
> gallon barrels. I thought it would be easy to find a place in Orange County, 
> CA. Ha!  However, they wanted my Driver's License and accused me of either 
> making bombs or making drugs. (With one pound bottles of the stuff? If I 
> blow up the house my wife will make me give up my aquarium for sure!)  
> However, I am wondering what Plantex CSM + B is?  Do I buy this at an 
> aquarium store?  Thanks, David     Gruverd at hotmail_com

Good luck. Your best bet is gregwatson.com. Otherwise you're gonna have 
to buy a pound from horthippo.com.

Jerry Baker
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