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[APD] Using KH reference solutions to measure CO2

Well, I recieve the gas permeable membranes today and slapped
one on my pH probe and added a KH of 4.0 ref solution of DI and
baking soda(lab grade). It slips on easy and the rubber O ring
is pretty tight so I do not expect any leaking of tank water
inside. I added the KH ref solution and then squeezed the air
out so there was nothing but KH solution inside before sealing
the O ring over the tip.

I added 3 mls of solution to the tip/membrane.

I placed this into my tank and measured the CO2.
It took 15 minutes for the reading to stabilize.
Not bad.

Once the reading on the pH meter is stable, then you take the
reading. This time to stablization is key to determining the
response time.

I'll do a photo set later next week.

Tom Barr


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