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Re: [APD] Excess ferts, fish load and EI

Hold on, Tom, I think we're in agreement here. I'm urging to avoid underfeeding -- that underfeeding is more liekly to cause problems for most folks.


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I would always try to err on the
> side of possibly too much ferts rather than too little. The
> "much" side is much more forgiv ing than the "little" side.
> sh

I see folks say this but is there any truth to this?
Stop with the fear and belief system approaches.
Instead, test it and see!

Put another way, is adding too little more dangerous than adding
too much? How much is too much? How much is too little?

Obviously this depends on a growth rate for the tank.
That starts with a light intensity, moderate to lower ends of
lighting offer the widest range at the lower end and upper ends.
Higher light reduces the wiggle room on both sides.

I've added supposedly what most reasonable folks might ascribe
as too much, I've found no such evidence that excess nutrients
other than NH4 can cause issues for fish or algae.

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