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Re: [APD] Ballast electronic or magnetic?

> There's a local inventor that's made a solid state ballast that gets the
> same amount of light, as measured by my Zeiss light meter, at half the
> power. it even works on "dead" tubes and as of this week HID lamps.
> He's
> doing the patent thing and has promised me samples for long term evaluation
> "soon". He's
> been here a couple of times with them. They seem to do as
> he says, and will indeed strike and light dead tubes.

This is standard with most "cold start" electronic ballast. They will start
a tube that will not work on a regular ballast (blackened ends). The Electronic
ballasts convert the mains in direct current and switch it at high frequencies, 
where the tube will start by itself as it does not require the filaments at the end.
We have designed and made these in the 1988/9. (Still being manufactured).

The power consumed on these ballasts is 26W compared to an inductive
one which is 40W for the same tube. The Power factor was 0.92.


Raj, vu2zap
Bangalore, South India.

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