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Re: [APD] canister filter media advice?

When I used a canister filter I never put more than two types of  
media in it.  One was biological media, and the other was plain old  
filter floss.  The last such filter I used,  Fluval 104, I just left  
out one of the baskets.  The earlier one I had was a 304 model, and I  
filled two of the baskets with biological media.  But, no one  has  
yet convinced me that "biological" media has any real purpose, beyond  
what plain old filter floss has.  (Speaking entirely about planted  
tanks, not fish only tanks.)

Vaughn H.

On Nov 30, 2006, at 12:35 PM, Rebecca Perry wrote:

> Hi there,
> Newbie here with (probably) stupid question: I’m setting up my  
> first serious
> plant tank and trying to decide what kind of filter media to use in my
> Fluval 204 – I’ve settled on the pre-filter stuff and the bio-max,  
> but I’ve
> got one more media compartment to fill. Walstad says not to use  
> charcoal,
> nor any very fine media, with a soil substrate (which I will be  
> using under
> natural gravel.) So what does that leave? Poly Wool? Something  
> else? Or can
> I just leave that third chamber empty?
> Any advice would be greatly appreciated. I’ve been keeping fish  
> forever, but
> I’m new to aquatic gardening, so I’m not a total newbie; however my  
> research
> on this subject has turned up many conflicting opinions on these  
> issues.
> Thanks,
> Rebecca

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