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[APD] EI and fish load and the net


There are many frustrations with using the net, perhaps one is
that there is too much information, many paradigms competing for

I apporached this quagmire a bit differently and have been
someone that tends to question basal ideas.

Through this process, I get a better understanding and
resolution to my questions and find the path far more

The downside is that it requires you to test and just try it and
see if these result match with the paradigm.

One thing I soon realized, by had a harder time tying it all
together was that all the paradigms are the same really, nature,
tanks, high light/low light, CO2, no CO2 etc.

Plants all grow for the same reasons, what is really changing is
the trade offs and rates of growth.

Nothing more.

While I may know more than the average hobbysit about aquatic
plants, I also see things in a simpler mind set and paradigm, I
have less confusion and see more puzzles to solve that are
actually solvable.

But for some poor newbies without such expeirences, the best
piece of advice is to see the general consensus that's out
there, ask questions, explain your goals, and try a few things
to see if they are practical and work.

Look upon the hobby as an evolution of both your gaining the
skills to achieve your goals and to reduce the amount of work
load to achieve that goal with your own habits.

Some folks are lazy, some are obsessive, so such considerations
of the human fraction in all of this really needs to be
addressed and have folks be aware of the trade offs there as
well as the methods to grow the plants themselves.

We inject our own sets of assumptions into everything we do, and
that can get us into trouble:-)Ask what application is this for
when reading advice. That is very important I find when I help
folks, are they using CO2? Are they dosing? What is their goal?
Plant species and biomass? 

Do not get frustrated, instead learn and evolve your own mind,
skill set and knowledge of plants. Ask questions, make mistakes,
take risk to see if that may or may not be true.

Tom Barr


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