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Re: [APD] EI method in heavily stocked tank?

KM Nancy Hsu wrote:
> I'm new to the whole planted aspect of aquaria but not quite ready to give
> up the fish side.  I've been soaking up all the info I can find on the
> subject in the past couple of months, and want to give EI a try.  Would I
> have to adjust the fert amounts in a more heavily stocked tank (that is also
> heavily planted, 2.5 wpg, co2+)?  I'm thinking that maybe I'd have to cut
> back especially on NO3 and PO4?  I'm not planning on overstocking on fish;
> just wanted a little more than a school of neons or something...

I may be wrong, but I sense a reluctance to add nitrates and phosphates. 
I can tell you that in my 75 gallon tank with more than 30 fish there 
was not nearly enough of either. I had to add both on a regular basis. 
Fish and fish food do not offer a significant source of nitrate or 
phosphate in a CO2 and high-light tank.

Jerry Baker
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