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Re: [APD] Ammonium Experiement

Looks like BBA to me.  Decorative BBA at that.

I saw the discussion on  APC,
and thought a view of the tank might be particularly interesting to Jerry.
I also found it interesting that Tropica Nutrition Plus contains NH4NO3
according to George Farmer's post in that thread.

On 11/28/06, Dennis Dietz <dennisdietz at verizon_net> wrote:
> You noticed that also huh?  I was wondering if it were BBA or something
> else.  It may even be intentional (or at least left on purpose) to
> better resemble a type of coral.  IIRC, there is something called a gorg
> that looks like that, though often they are brightly colored.
> We talked a bit about that tank on APC a bit also.  My impression was
> that the amount of N added by NH4 was fairly low compared to the EI
> method but the plants used are more likely to do well in low nutrient
> environments.  The lighting is fairly low aswell.  It looks to me like
> the plant mass is actually fairly low and that the bulk of the layout is
> taken up by rocks so the amount of nutrients need is less that if the
> tank were that filled with stem plants.  Also note that they dose small
> amounts, 2x a day.
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