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Re: [APD] Can't buy plant weights

On Nov 27, 2006, at 7:31 AM, Jerry Baker wrote:

> Katherine Mitchell wrote:
>> Maryland Aquatic Nursery sells lead weight strip by the foot, or at
>> least they did.  I got some last spring, but don't know if they still
>> carry it.  It was really cheap.
> Unroll a spool of lead-free solder onto a train track. Wait. Roll back
> up. Presto!
> --  
> Jerry Baker
Don't forget to step back off the tracks!  And, pick a time when  
there is at least a half hour between trains.  And, it would help if  
you carefully scrub the track first, removing all traces of dirt and  
grease.  The optimum train is a passenger variety with less than 5  
total cars.

The Devil is in the details!

Vaughn H.
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