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[APD] Ballast electronic or magnetic?

I have some extra glass and I'm going to build a tank that is going to set  
in my garage to grow plants out in.
The tank will 48" x 14" x 14" - approximately 40 gallons. It doesn't need  to 
look good, just a place to grow out some different plants.
I was planning on putting some shop lights from home depot over this tank,  
two strips with 2 - 40 watt bulbs each, making a total of 160 watts.
But now I have a couple of questions that I was hoping that I could get  some 
help with.
1. Should I get electronic or magnetic ballast? The magnetic is  cheaper.
2. Should I get the strip with T12's (40 watt bulbs) for 160 watts total or  
the T8's (32 watt bulbs) for 128 watts total?
3. Would anyone suggest different lighting for this tank? It isn't for  looks 
at all only to grow out plants.
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