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[APD] Do we even need KH?

This topic has been brought up in the past, but do we even
require any KH?

Not just low KH, but any at all and why?
What does it do and afford us?

Or is pH crash/pH variation of any consequence as many fear
mongering folks seem to assume?

Careful, I've been at it with the testing:-)
Vaughn's idea for a CO2 checker and using the ref KH for a
simple method to measure CO2 removes any need in the tank,
plants prefer CO2, not HCO3(KH).

pH changes as large as 4 full units occur in heavily vegetated
lakes, we do 50(you can do more if interested)% water changes
that can raise the pH by 1 full unit in a few minutes without

Why is there any utility in KH at all?
Do we really need it and is pH crash an issue?
And is the measurement of the CO2 incidental now there are at
least two referenced methods available that do not rely on a
tank's KH to get at the CO2 ppms?

Do we need any baking soda at all?

Tom Barr 

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