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Re: [APD] Problems with dupla substrate heater

Hi George,

Well the problem is it doesnt heat up. It did work for 2 years. I have
taken the cable out already. As far as I know, the fuse didn't break.
Because it still gives 24 volt with the "old" fuse.

I think the multimeter is reading 1 instead of 0. Because its the same
reading when I try to measure the resistance of air (open circuit as
you call it). I'm a bit hopeless when it comes to electricity. But
shouldn't the multimeter read infinity when I want to measure the
resistance of air or for example the resistance from my left thumb to
my right one? When I hold the two pins (of the multimeter) together it
does go to 0 (it never becomes zero/stable but I can see where it's
going), so that's what you call closed circuit?

It helps alot to know its normal for the transformator giving AC signal.

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