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[APD] Problems with dupla substrate heater

Hi everyone,

My dupla heating cable is not working properly. It consits of a
250V->24V transformator, 13m 200 W silicone heating cable (duplaflex
700), and a controller. You can find the manual at:

I know that the controller is fine, but now I'm not sure wether the
problem is with the cable or with the transformator. The transformator
still gives 24 V as it should, but I only get this when I set my
multicontroller on alternating mode. So the 24 V is not a DC signal
but an AC. Is this normal? I've also checked/replaced the fuse
(although its not necessary).

Now about the cable: since it's a 200 W cable and working on 24 V it
should have a resistence of 2.88 Ohm (P=V^2/R). But my multimeter
shows 0.0 ohms (actually it reads 1, but thats what it also shows when
it's not connected to anything).

Which one of the two do you guys think it's broken? Or is this still
not enough info to find out?

I've contacted my supplier and they say they must ship it to German
for repair/replacement. This will take months. Thats too much
work/time if I can find out the problem "myself" ;-).

Thanks in advance,
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