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[APD] downoi, auction

On Mon, 20 Nov 2006, Wright Huntley wrote:
> I wasn't really looking for crypts, so dunno if any were rare.

Just didn't seem to be a rare crypt kind of year... didn't seem to even be 
an ordinary crypt year.  Maybe 2007.

> I wanted downoi, but didn't see any. Will have to get it when I go to
> Singapore, next week, I guess.

Somebody clarify for me (I'm pretty out of what's been showing up in the 
last couple years what with the kids and planning conventions and video 
editing), but is downoi the same as Pogostemon helferi?  That was one of 
the three Tropica tissue cultures.  I didn't know it either until we 
dropped by Aqua Forest the next day.  But see, that's why I'm editing 
videos, not writing articles right now.

> My best bargains were in hardware. That was what I thought was really
> cool. The vendor support was unusually strong and lots of fine hardware
> was auctioned.[Thanks Mrs. Olson. Our past-pres.'s lovely bride arranged
> it all on very short notice. Much appreciated.]

It was a very good turnout, I think the highest number of lots sold yet at 
an AGA, somewhere around 650 in about 6 hours.  Pretty crazy.

On the board, Scott informally named the instant silent auction method of 
selling bunches of the remaining stuff to whoever will make an offer, the 
"KRA" system (Kathy-Rapid-Auction).  Next year we'll have it down pat.

Technically I'm still president for another week and a half. :)

   - Erik

Erik Olson
erik at thekrib dot com
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