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Re: [APD] KH question

The only way CO2 is going to "crash" the pH is if you use too much. It will reduce pH in proportion to how much is dissolved in the water. If you water buffered around the range of the pH before adding the CO2, it will hang there until the buffer is swamped.


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> My reference to pH crash -- a rapid, large decrease in pH -- is something
> that can occur with CO2 injection.  I got an off-list email from a member
> who had that happen with water at a lower KH than what is coming out of my
> tap.  "Rumor has it" that pH carshes can happen with water that has a KH
> of
> 3.  I was mostly interested in hearing if anyone here could say it had or
> had not happened in their aquariums.  Vaughn's response indicates it's not
> likely.
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