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Re: [APD] Aquascaping research paper

Richard J. Sexton wrote:
> At 03:55 PM 11/1/06 -0500, you wrote:
>> Fellow 'scapers,
>>    I am currently working on a college level research paper focusing on 
>> the history of aquascaping as well as its growth and viability as an art 
>> form. 
> So, you mean 1990 on?
> I can't say I've ever seen much other than great pictures going
> back to Timmerman. Never any instructions, just awe while staring
> at these mythical tanks.
> Granted there were a few planting layouts over the ages but that's
> about the extent of it. The subject seemed me to warrent little
> more than "put tall plants at the back. Use nice rocks and bits
> of wood".
> Maybe I missed something...
Nah, the Dutch have been doing there thing since the 40's and 50's.  I 
am hoping to find some info about their original stuff, the first 
contests, etc.  Any mention or photos would be good.

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