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[APD] Estimative Index Tank Question

I have a 30 gallon plant tank using Tom Barr's Estimative Index. The tank
has been up just over 2 months is heavily planted with pressurized CO2 and
60 watts of light from 2 tritons. . I've had small amounts of green spot
and thread algae, but it comes and goes and my otos do a good job of
cleaning most of the green spot algae on the anubias. During the last week
I have noticed the appearance of what appears to be BBA growing on the
edges of the anubia leaves. 

I have been using the EI approach to dosing.  I have measured nitrates,
phosphates, and iron  with Lamotte tests kits. and have paid special
attention to CO2 and nitrate levels. 

I really can't identify any obvious nutritional problems and I have strong
plant growth. 

I'm wondering if I might possibly have a fish load problem causing excess
ammonium which I believe can be problematic at very low levels. 

I  have kept fish only tanks for over 30 years but I am new to plants. I
understand that evaluating fish loads is a very inexact process, but I
would be interested in the comments of those more experienced. 

I have 4 otos, 6 cardinal tetras, 4 diamond tetras, and 2 rainbows. I would
estimate I have about 12" of fish. Given the body types,L I would estimate
a moderate fish load. 

The overall health of my tank is good and this is the most successful plant
tank I've had after many tries. However the BBA got my attention because I
hate the ugly stuff. 

Henry Hatch

hhatch at sprynet_com

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