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Re: [APD] algae web site

Dusko's is one of the best I've seen so far.

I have 3 to 4 articles coming out in the Report on specific
algal groups specific to freshwater aquariums and will take the
algae apart step by step and with primary references, botanical
identication and micrographes.

Probably in the spring 2007.
The goal is not to rehash over what's been said thus far,
rather, bring new insigfht and mechanisms of action and
germination to the approach.

>From there, folks can get a better understanding at various
approaches for control and management selectivity. 

A marine version will be pursued later.

Tom Barr


> Here is the best website for algae identification in ordinary
> English  
> terms that I know of: http://www.aquariumalgae.blogspot.com/
> Vaughn H.

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