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[APD] Finnex light fixture vibration/noise issue

I have a Finnex light fixture, a 48" strip light with
4 T5 bulbs 55 w 
each over my 55 gallon tank.  A lot of nice light.
My one complaint has been fan noise.  Noticeable the
first several 
months then something loosened up or something??.
The noise was unacceptable.

I tried tightening up screws, inserting plastic
washers at the fan 
connection to the light bracket - nothing worked.

When the fan was not connected to the fixture it was
virtually silent - 
except for slight air movement swoosh.

I even got a Silenx  quiet fan - slower speed, 5CFM
but only 14 dba.  A 
great little fan! (iXtrema Pro Series Quiet Fan ).  
It was clearly less 
noisy when the fan was not connected to the fixture
but again noisy when 

The vendor has been responsive to my emails offering
to check out the 
fan if I sent it in and even to check out the fixture
if I sent it 
back.  Unfortunately that is a lot of cost and work on

The vendor also said it could be run without the fan. 
Apparently the 
hood is painted aluminum so it in itself should help
dissipate heat.  I 
am now running the hood without the fan.  Note:  if
you do use 
electricians tape over the exposed connector wires or
you could get a 
nice 12v shock - like I did.

Anyone else experience this with a Finnex or another
fan?  Any good 


Bob Alston
bobalston9 at YAHOO_com

Cell phone:  214.770.1140

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