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Rachel, I have been thinking that the SGHA, otherwise known as TDSGHA  
or green fuzz algae, is GDA which is growing on the plants.  I seem  
to get it only along with bad GDA, and it disappears as the GDA  
disappears.  It's a good thing we are all so fluent in Latin here!

Vaughn H.

On Oct 25, 2006, at 2:40 PM, Rachel S wrote:

> How about SGHA, short green hairy algae, which lis kind of like  
> dust algae
> but has short (1-2mm) hairs sticking up? Any suggestions? Unlike  
> GDA, it
> takes about 5 days to start reappearing.
> On 25/10/06, Kettle, Sean <skettle at snclavalinprofac_com> wrote:
>>> What does GDA stand for?  I can think of one good one (G --
>>> Damned  Algae), but what is the actual meaning?
>>> Carol   < ' )))><
>>> _______________________________________________
>> Green dust algae... The powdery algae that forms a film on the  
>> aquarium
>> walls which can be wiped away easily.  Not to be confused with GSA
>> (green spot algae) which forms circular green spots which are  
>> difficult
>> to remove mechanically.

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