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[APD] Fw: Getting CO2 parts cheap

A single stage or 2-stage regulator will work provided it is designated CGA320, which is the standard for CO2 compressed gas and ensures that the fitting will connect to a CO2 tank.

The only advantage of a 2-stage regulator is that you can run the CO2 tank down a bit lower than with a single stage regulator. You will still want a metering (needle) valve to limit gas flow.

Some single stage regulators wtih two meters (one for the low-side pressure and one for the high-side pressure are sometimes called dual.

The truth is, very inexpensive regultors work jsut fine, although they might take a bit more fiddling to get the setting just right. You can pay hundreds of dollars for a regulator or you can spend a handful of sawbucks.


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I've seen a 2nd hand 'ARGON C02 300 BAR SERVICE 35 LITRE DUAL REGULATOR
(300bar service)' on sale and as I'm new to using pressurised CO2 I'd
welcome some advice.

Will this type of regulator be suitable for CO2 only use?

I'm truly pig ignorant about these devices. :-)

I don't plan on getting a 35 litre cylinder....

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