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Re: [APD] Fighting GDA!!!

Hi Saugata,
  Finally!  Something I can help with!  I'm not an expert, Saugata, but I hope my experience is helpful for you:
  I've been combatting GDA for several weeks.  I read to just leave it alone, and thats just what I did.  Other than water changes, regular fertilization, and removing one dead fish (poor rasbora!!!), I haven't disturbed the tank.  My fast growing stem plants have taken over, it looks like a jungle of twisted vines and stems in there... very cool that I can grow the plants, but it aint pretty  :-)
  My GDA has been a plague for over 3 weeks, but less than 4.
  I went away for 2 days this past weekend and ALMOST ALL of my GDA had turned brown, fallen off, and been eaten by the pond snails, ottos, or ramshorns I have in there by the time I came back.  Other than the ottos, which I added, the snails are hitchikers.  
  So do yourself a favor... if the GDA doesn't look different yet, DON'T TOUCH IT!!!  Who knows how long it takes for it to go through its lifecycle in YOUR tank... my tank's water chemistry, temperature, nutrients, CO2 etc etc could be different, and its a wild guess trying to figure out why my GDA cleared up in 21-25 days, and yours hasn't yet in 15 days... just too many variables to account for.
  Give it time, your snails are gonna be big and happy, if you have any.  You'll know when its time to scrape it off, it turns brownish-olive-colored and starts to get small "bubbles" or domes on the GDA sheet.  I have some areas that haven't fallen off and still look like that.  I'm just gonna wait and let the snails or ottos take care of those areas too, no scraping yet for me after 21-25ish days.
  I'm no expert, I've only had a planted tank for about 2 months (since mid-late August), a third of which time I've been researching and trying to control GDA and prevent its recurrence.  So far, so good, my first GDA infestation is clearing up and no new GDA has appeared.  I hope my feedback helps, since my GDA seems to be further along in its lifecycle than yours is now...  Patience will be rewarded with clear glass, fat snails, and less work in scraping  :-)  Don't give up yet, but don't give in to the scraping urge!
  Cheers & Gig'Em,

Saugata Banerjee <saugatab at gmail_com> wrote:
  Hi! All,

As per some of the old posts about fighting GDA, I haven't scraped the GDA
off my tank glass for the past 15 days or so. However, I don't see any signs
of them reducing. But then its not spreading any more. Am I moving in the
right direction? How long will take before the GDA completes its life cycle
and will start dropping off the wall on its own?
Thanks in advance to experts for their feedback.


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