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Re: [APD] Shop lights - bulb life

I believe Bill wrote this email section below:
> I've used shop lights for more than 2 years and I have never had a bulb burn
> out.  I change the bulbs every 9 to 12 months.
> The lights that I use do not appear to have starters.  They are twin tube,
> 48 inch fixtures, for which I paid about $25 at Loews.  I'm quite happy with
> them.

They'll have starters somewhere. :-)

> It is possible that the voltage in the garage is significantly higher than
> it should be?

Surely that would mean *everyone* in the neighbourhoods voltage would be too 
high? Someone would have noticed.

>  I think that can shorten bulb life, but others here know more
> than I do about that.

Could be the length of wire to the tubes is the wrong length.
You can't or should not change the length iirc.

Or just a bad starter.

Stuart Halliday
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