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Re: [APD] CO2 angst

Those of us saying we don't test for water parameters are not saying  
others shouldn't do so, only that we don't, and why we don't.  If I  
were trying a PPS type fertilizing routine I would certainly want to  
do a lot of testing.  And, if I enjoyed doing the testing I would do  
it just to see what I could learn.

As far as the pH/KH tables go, perhaps that is similar to how  
everyone knew the importance of eliminating phosphate and nitrate  
from the aquarium not so long ago.  It was widely known that those  
contaminants caused algae.

Vaughn H.

On Oct 20, 2006, at 8:04 PM, Bill wrote:

> With all of the postings here and on other boards about why it  
> makes little
> sense to test for proper nutrient levels, I am somewhat amused by  
> the large
> number of posts here lately about new ways to measure CO2 levels,
> particularly when the pH-KH charts have been considered to be close  
> enough
> for a good while.
> Bill

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