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Re: [APD] CO2 angst

The problem for relative newcomers like me is that we test per the KH/ 
pH table and see numbers that say we have 80 ppm of CO2, so we  
immediately try to drop it down to a reasonable 40 ppm, for example.   
Then as BBA hits and our plants grow slowly, people tell us to raise  
the CO2, but we can't make ourselves do that, thinking we are really  
going overboard already, having twice the usual recommended amount.   
So, we fight BBA and bad plant growth forever, or until we get  
discouraged and try another hobby.

So, it isn't just an academic issue for us.  Until we learn what good  
CO2 in the tank looks like, what an overdose of CO2 looks like, and  
what bubble rate changes do to those things, we just have to have a  
way to get a reasonably accurate guess about how much CO2 we have in  
the water.

Another issue I ran into a couple of times is that my method of  
diffusing CO2 into the water was such that the same bubble rate  
resulted in less CO2 in the water - plugged holes in a spray bar, for  
example.  Without a way to "see" the drop in ppm of CO2 I had no idea  
anything was wrong, other than the algae building up.  I spent a lot  
of time getting rid of that algae, and as much as I learned about the  
various algae friends we have, I prefer to spend that time doing  
other good things for the tank.

Vaughn H.

On Oct 20, 2006, at 11:21 AM, Thomas Barr wrote:

> Colormetric CO2 measurements tend to be okay vs the pH meters
> with their stray eletrical depression issues at times(solvable
> though), and KH monkey business.
> Unless you have that funny KH tap water, you have little reason
> to doubt the methods, but if you run into the KH/pH issues I've
> seen, I'm talking well calibrated pH meters, well calibrated KH
> test kits, and you still end up with 210ppm of CO2, you might
> find yourself doubting more.
> I've seen this monkey business first hand.
> Those folks have little recourse.
> A Lamotte CO2 kits is not going to help because it has the same
> issues as any alkalinity test kit will have.
> I'd be intereted to try it on the same tap we got the 210 ppm
> reading. The KH kits were Lamotte so.......
> The fish where fine etc at 210ppm according to the kits.
> Regards,
> Tom Barr
> www.BarrReport.com
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