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[APD] Final reminder for NEAPS

Final reminder that the October meeting of the New England Aquatic Plant 
Society will be held this Saturday, 4pm in Manchester Ct.

It looks like there will be 9 people at this meeting; a few new members 
and some of us old-timers. This is actually a respectable number for a 
normal meeting, comparable to many of the major, established clubs 
around the country. For a group so young and spread out, I think this 
shows a positive outlook for NEAPS in the up-coming year.

So, if anyone is still undecided about coming, this looks to be a very 
good meeting. Don't miss it! Bring your plants and questions and be 
prepared to leave happy. You can find directions through our website, 
www.ne-aquaticplants.com <http://www.ne-aquaticplants.com>

Thanks and see you soon,

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