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Re: [APD] CO2 angst

George said:

"We, of course, don't use the kits anymore since our eyes are
trained to
read the plants.  However, if you would like a "reference" to
guide your
eye training, I can recommend no better way."

An interesting approach is taking such observations and going
back and very carefully measuring what you see and relate it to
a quanatative empircial measurement. Then vary each parameter
individually and see what effect it has on growth.

While most folks slack and no longer test after some years,
having gone this route, I find myself being my own worst critic
and testing and rethinking all those assumptions many, if not
most of us make again and again. Some seem looney to be sure,
but most have also been better at explaining that what was
previously established.

But with each tenacious attack, the amount of insight gained is
helpful and useful.

Rethinking and re evaluating CO2 is always a good exercise.
The other is lighting.

But many worry and fret over the little stuff like Cu or Fe.
The are needed, that's true, but small potatos.

With the higher light and CO2, I was able to figure out the
uptake rates with more confidence and less influence from fish
load and other factors like spending months, instead of weeks
measuring things.

Colormetric CO2 measurements tend to be okay vs the pH meters
with their stray eletrical depression issues at times(solvable
though), and KH monkey business.
Unless you have that funny KH tap water, you have little reason
to doubt the methods, but if you run into the KH/pH issues I've
seen, I'm talking well calibrated pH meters, well calibrated KH
test kits, and you still end up with 210ppm of CO2, you might
find yourself doubting more.

I've seen this monkey business first hand.
Those folks have little recourse.
A Lamotte CO2 kits is not going to help because it has the same
issues as any alkalinity test kit will have.
I'd be intereted to try it on the same tap we got the 210 ppm
reading. The KH kits were Lamotte so.......

The fish where fine etc at 210ppm according to the kits.

Tom Barr


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